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We bring your web and mobile apps to life, from the seed of an idea to maintaining your flagship product.

Interface Design

We build beautiful user interfaces that will leave a lasting mark on your customers, because they care about pixel-perfection, and so do we.

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Web & Mobile Apps

Stable, maintainable, and well-tested software is our passion. We build and support Ruby on Rails and iOS products you can rely on.

Our Development Process

Training & Consulting

Learning to program doesn't have to be intimidating. We offer training for individuals and organizations looking to get started or level up.

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Our Design Process

We follow a simple process: each step below is delivered, rinsed, and repeated until you're satisfied that your app looks and works just the way you want.

  1. Wireframing

    We start by mapping out all of the elements of your new application, which will push you to prioritize features so we can get the important features built early.

  2. Design

    If the wireframes form the skeleton of your app, the design is the skin. Our UI designs are consistent and pixel-perfect in all modern browsers, and degrade gracefully in older ones.

  3. User Experience and Interface Engineering

    Once we've ironed out the design, we proceed to UX, or "user experience." During this phase, we add advanced interactivity and quadruple-check your UI with quality assurance and acceptance testing.

How We Build Software

We do a couple of things to keep the feedback loop tight in order to keep your project on time and within budget.

  1. Iteration Planning

    We start with a kickoff and sprint planning meeting to think through the project with you. During this meeting, we'll nail down just what features need building and the order to build them in.

  2. Build

    We use modern software development techniques to make sure your application is well tested, stable, and easy to maintain. We check in with you daily and we deliver features as soon as they're done, which keeps us on track and in sync.

  3. Iterate

    We take small steps to make sure we don't end up going in the wrong direction. Constant iteration ensures that we're always on track and working on the most important stuff.


Agile with a little "A"

We don't adhere to any one methodology; rather, we borrow from Scrum, Kanban, agile, and others.

By taking elements from various approaches that work for us and, more importantly, for you, we ensure a smooth process that adapts to your preferences and involvement level. That way, if something isn't working, we can easily change it.

As a result, pragmatism rules all in what we've taken to calling "Agile with a little 'A'."

Learn Ruby on Rails

Move your organization forward by getting your team up to speed with Ruby and Rails.

Embracing Ruby and Rails opens up a world of options for your organization. Let us guide you there.

Whether your team is completely new to Rails or has been working with it for a while we can help them level up. We utilize traditional instruction combined with pair programming to make sure you get the most out of our training sessions.

Ask us about our various training options:

  • Our "Moving Legacy Code to Rails" seminar
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pairing as a consulting add-on
  • Focused group classes

It's time to hire an awesome team

We live and work in Baltimore, MD, but we partner with clients everywhere. If you're ready to bring your ideas to life, call, email or postcard us:

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800 S Broadway 2F, Baltimore, MD 21231
Ed Schmalzle Ed Schmalzle: Boh Guy

Ed Schmalzle


Ed is a programmer and entrepeneur who spent the past 8 years building software with a practical approach. When not building great software Ed enjoys biking, skiing, and generally all things outdoors.

Flip Sasser Flip Sasser: Boh Guy

Flip Sasser


Flip is a designer, programmer, and MBA engaged in the pursuit of technology that delights. He spends his days killing it for his clients and his nights making beer and complex, gourmet cheeseburgers.

Jamie Gaskins Jamie Gaskins: Boh Guy

Jamie Gaskins


Jamie is an enthusiastic programmer with nearly a decade of experience with Ruby and Rails. He enjoys clean code, hot coffee, and cold beer. In his spare time, he practices his drumming technique and pretends to be good at video games.

Ali Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim: Boh Guy

Ali Ibrahim


Ali is a programmer who enjoys getting his hands dirty in back-end code and cleaning things up for users on the front-end. He is always up for a good challenge, whether it be in front of a computer or out in the wild.