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Announcement: Back Forty Speaker Lunches

In 2014 the B'more on Rails group managed to host a ton of new first time speakers. This was thanks to the awesome community as well as the tireless efforts of Chris Strom. In 2014 we know that we're going to see great talks as usual at B'more on Rails and we hope that influx of new speakers continues. We also hope that we can help...

Whether you're a first timer or not, getting up in front of a group of your peers can be stressful and it's tough to get it right without practice and feedback. To help overcome this at Back Forty we practice our talks over lunch and help each other improve the talk even before it hits the local user groups. We keep things very low key (bite of pizza between slides, yep) and focus on asking questions and offering feedback on things that will improve the talk. All in the safety of our group of friends and co-workers.

Because this has worked so well for us we thought it might be fun to invite others into the office to do the same. So here's the deal: If you're on the schedule for a B'more on Rails talk and want to have a practice run then just drop us a line at and we'll schedule a date for you to come have lunch (on us) and do a test run of your talk.

Here's to another year of great B'more on Rails talks!


Ed Schmalzle

Ed is a principal and lead developer at Back Forty.